Monday, 4 April 2011

that's no business

Alright, so the next day after writing that post, my girlfriend got a response back from

It said,


That item is temporarily out of stock.
Please let us know if you would like a replacement item or if you would like a refund for that item.

Thank you

So basically, after 3 months of waiting for my pair, they've finally decided to tell me it was out of order. I know that's basically not the case. They most likely didn't(forgot to) ship my pair, and had hoped that we'd just forget about it. Or just wait another 3 months til they re-stocked so they can ship it then. I know some of these business' order them from somewhere else in bulk, but just don't even have the courtesy to inform customers of anything.

Frankly, I'm surprised they emailed my girlfriend back so quickly as they did, considering I've seen other people complain about the customer service ignoring them, not replying back for weeks. That still doesn't excuse the fact that they fucked up royally. I'm pretty the combination of left nut and my thumb up my ass can run a better business.



  1. Fffffff, I just Googled "MyCandyEye Scam" and Dizzy's post and yours came up... because it's been 7 days since my order. I'm so dumb, I should've looked for reviews. I order a ton of shit online too and it never takes 7 days to ship out.. Did you ever get a refund? Because I am about to ask for one.. Reading how they treat other customers makes me SO angry.

  2. haha yeah, she emailed them demanding a refund. Less than 5 minutes later, I got an email from paypal or whatever saying I received money. With the currency constantly changing, I think I actually gained a quarter.

  3. Haha I placed my order on the 26th of April. It's been about 15 business days and my status still says 'processing'. I emailed them about it. They told me that the item was on high demand and would be shipped to me in 4 - 6 days. Should have done research before ordering ._. Your case seems extreme though >_>

  4. Haha, well i'm glad this blog is still getting some views. I just wanna let people know what they could be getting themselves into. never ordering from them... never again. lol.

  5. Gosh, I looked for reviews but this didn't shoed up until I looked for problems.
    The thing is, with some friends we did a large order, so is not a little amount of money they would be trying to snatch from us. until now, they always replied so soon, but now that I want to know what is happening, they're not responding. I added MyCandy Eyes on facebook assuming that's who they were, and bumped into a message in the wall from a guy that just a minute before I saw on youtube saying how they wouldn't respond or send him his order. They actualy added me back a few hours later, so I wrote in their wall in that very moment. They didn't reply. So I sent a rather more serious email, with all the data needed, so they could explain why the items are delayed, why they didn't respond and how are they going to make it right.
    I don't tolerate bad business, and I'm capable of recurring to Consumer Protection if I have to. So I started gathering info just in case. Being so, I found some really interesting things. So it's easy. Either they send me just what I ordered in the time and way I did, or they'll be facing serious issues.

    And that's it.

  6. I ordered a pair of lenses and I have not received any answers to my mails since I ordered them, fuck my candy eyes ¬¬

  7. I think that there's something wrong with mycandyeyes these past few months. They haven't been responding to anyone lately and I've opened a dispute on Paypal, which they have 4 days to respond to. It's like they disappeared off the face of the earth! I ordered the same lenses from though, and although they have not responded to ANY of my emails, they sent an email telling me my item was shipped on the 23rd, about 2 business days after my order. My lenses are prescribed so that's quite fast. (: <---- Mycandyeyes experience.
    Oh btw, mycandy eyes on facebook aren't the same people apparently. I added him too and they live in indonesia. They do ship lenses internationally but it's veeeeery expensive ._.

  8. I've ordered prescription lenses from mycandyeyes last month (may 9th) and its honestly been a month till now and I still have not received my order nor have the site responded back to any of my e-mails regarding my order. On the site it keeps saying processing and they already charged my credit card $35.98 and still no contacts... I don't know what to do. Everyone keeps saying do a dispute on paypal? But I am truly not familiar on how paypal works or how to file a dispute towards mycandyeyes considering I used my american express card. I feel like this site is a fraud and should be immediately investiaged and shut down by authorities. I really want my money back since I feel like I got scammed badly. It's my first time ordering online with my credit card and now I'm scared to ever do it again because of mycandyeyes. I live in the U.S and its funny how they apparently stopped shipping here... can anyone help me? And I've recently found out they have disabled their account.

  9. Tanya; They're from indonesia?!.. I had no idea, but the package[s] we received were from the u.s.

    Anne; Once you're logged into, click onto "Resolution Center". When you're on the resolution center, there'll be a yellow button that says, "Dispute a Transaction". After that, just follow the steps.

    Overall, from the looks of your guys' situation, mycandyeyes may have gone awol. =/